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E.P.I.C stands for total commitment to clients

She is an Army veteran, and a veteran of the real-estate, insurance and physical fitness areas, but there are three specific challenges Delgado feels most proud about taking on and succeeding.

“Well, I consider raising three boys to be my greatest accomplishment!” said Elena Delgado, founder of E.P.I.C. Strategies, which is dedicated to providing insurance products and top-notch real-estate services. “But certainly launching and watching my business grow is a source of pride not only for the accomplishment itself but the benefits it has meant to my clients, which stems from a relationship based on dependability and trust, clear, open communication regarding expectations and how we can achieve and surpass those expectations.”

Delgado’s strategy for success is: “always look ahead, always learn; life is a journey, not a destination.”

“No matter the business, no matter the field, flexibility is key,” said Delgado, who describes herself as empathic and an optimist, “always with the specific client in mind, creating a tailor-made internal set of processes and procedures for our staff to follow, along with a customized quality- control plan to ensure all tasks are completed in a timely manner and accurately, based on the asset managers/ investor/client requirements.”

Delgado added that whether a client is looking for a property to sell or buy, an investor or an asset manager, she quickly adjusts internal processes and procedures by staying informed and in line with clients’ new directives or shift in priorities.

“Almost by accident, I founded E.P.I.C. Strategies, seeing the need for a ‘navigator’ among U.S.-based businesses, investors, private clients and the island,” Delgado said. “Based on the premise that relationships are business, and having worked all my adult life in the U.S., I understood the needs, wants and goals better than most, and positioned myself as a liaison between them and the island.”

Delgado explained that one of the biggest challenges in both the real estate and investment industries is a need for reliable data sources. Most markets rely heavily on their MLS [real estate’s Multiple Listing Service] and tax system, and Puerto Rico has a variety of source data, and most are incomplete, which can be very frustrating for a client who is used to vast resources.

As for the future, Delgado wants E.P.I.C.—which stands for Extraordinary Properties, Insurance Covered— to be considered the go-to woman-owned business for sales and management of properties for both Puerto Rico- and U.S.-based investors and private clients.

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