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Commercial & Residential Properties

At E.P.I.C we have a wide range of commercial and residential properties available for every need. Tell us what you are looking for and we will offer it to you.

Buyer & Seller Representation

Let us take care of your representation during the buying or selling process.  We offer a high quality service and professionalism to obtain the best results.

Guidance on Act 20/22 Tax Incentive.

We are experts in the tax Incentive Act 20/22.  Our knowledge of the subject allows us to provide investors relocating to Puerto Rico housing alternatives under these government incentives.

Innovative Strategies & Consulting

We revolutionize the real estate field every day with new strategies so that our clients can achieve their goals quickly and effectively.  We offer consultancy throughout the process, whether in planning, buying or selling.

Construction & Renovation

If you are interested in building, renovating or restoring your property, we can help you with all the required processes and permits so that you can concentrate on project supervision.

REO PRO (Bank Owned / Reo)

We have a wide range of properties repossessed from financial institutions throughout the island at affordable prices.

Valuations / BPO's

We are highly trained to value and estimate the price of a property when factors like time or cost of an appraiser is not necessary. Our agents are available to provide this service at your and financial institution will.

Property Preservation & Property Management

Leave the management or preservation of your property in our hands.  Our dedication and commitment is shown from the first day you leave your property in our hands.  Your satisfaction is paramount to us.

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