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Our core business is focused on the sales and administration of commercial properties for investors who wish to establish their businesses in Puerto Rico using the benefits of Law 20/22, and the Opportunity Zone. We know the market of those in the United States and the needs of reliable data sources.

Puerto Rico is a privileged place in terms of incentives for the benefit of companies, emerging industries, and investors. These opportunities are open not only for its residents, but also for those who want to take advantage of them, particularly companies dedicated to the most advanced technologies and added value.

This means that, as a way to boost the economy, it would lead to the creation of different laws, including Act 20 and Act 22, that promote the Puerto Rico services network, whose beneficial development directly affects the field of Real Estate, a field that Epic Strategies has dominated for several years.

Throughout our journey, we have built a strong partnership with multisectoral professional groups, which have helped our clients to evolve to the next level.

Here you will find the relevant information on these and other topics for your commercial project.

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